What If I Told You That You Already Have Everything You Need To Build Your Backdrop Design Empire?
No Experience Necessary, No Expensive Tools Required!
What If I Told You That You Already Have Everything You Need To Build Your Backdrop Design Empire?
No Experience Necessary, No Expensive Tools Required!


“The Backdrop Blueprint has grown my business so much since joining. If you're looking to make money without spending too much of your money or any of your money, this is where you want to be!"
- Brittany Hoskins
”I have been able to offer products to my clients that I was not able to offer to them prior to enrolling in the Backdrop Blueprint! I am so thankful because now I can offer custom backdrops!!!”
- Melissha D.
Melissha's Design Studio
“I joined the Backdrop Blueprint because I am a crafter, and I am always looking for things to offer to my customers. This is one of the best decisions that I've ever made in improving my crafting and future business.”
- Asia H.

add A NEW REVENUE STREAM TODAY with backdrops

Are You Tired Of...

  • Using generic backdrops that don't fully showcase your creativity?
  • ​Being limited by pre-made backdrops that don't meet your vision?
  • ​Not capitalizing on your crafting skills to generate income?
  • Struggling to afford custom backdrops for your events and projects?
  • Investing in expensive crafting equipment that you hardly use?
  • ​Missing out on passive income opportunities from sharing your expertise?
  • Dealing with printing and shipping?
  • The constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job and seeking a flexible venture?

This Is For YOU If...

  • You're an event planner seeking unique and cost-effective backdrop solutions for clients.
  • ​You're someone who enjoys crafting and desires to turn your hobby into a profitable venture.
  • ​You're a photographer looking to enhance shoots with personalized and versatile backdrops.
  • You're a creative entrepreneur aiming to diversify income by offering backdrop design services, even with limited resources.
  • You're a DIY enthusiast wanting to customize spaces with your own artistic backdrop creations.
  • You're a newbie interested in the backdrop industry and need guidance from scratch.
  • You're an aspiring designer who wants to learn both digital art and online business simultaneously.
  • ​You're a stay-at-home parent desiring a flexible home-based business in your spare time.

Backdrop Blueprint makes income easy

I’ve thought of everything to help you go from design idea to design creation and sales quickly! You’ll know how to make the right moves, in the right order, at the right time.

There’s no point in spending countless weeks, months, and years trying to figure this design thing out on your own... ...especially if you’re like me in the beginning and don’t have money and time to waste.

Instead, I want to help you shortcut your way to your first start-to-finish backdrop design and print!

What’s inside the Backdrop Blueprint?

So glad you asked…

#IAmDetermined: Set-Up Basics

Get Your Free Designing Software
Set Up Your Software Preferences
Most Commonly Used Design Tools

(Value $497)

#IAmTalented: Design Training

Font Download and Installation
Photo and Graphics Upload
Text Editing... And More Advanced Training!

(Value $1297)

#IAmProductive: Printing

Free Vendor Account
Backdrop Printing
Backdrop Shipping
not tech-savvy?
never designed a backdrop before?
have specific backdrop questions?
don't have the time?
You don't have to be tech-savvy or have design experience to be successful this!

The Backdrop Blueprint is your key to designing impressive, cost-effective backdrops for your events.

If you're concerned about not being tech-savvy or having never designed a backdrop before, our course provides live webinars and a members-only support and networking space, so you're never alone in your learning journey. 

Plus, the course is self-paced, allowing you to complete it at your own comfort without being constrained by a rigid timeframe, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or pace of learning, can thrive and excel in backdrop design. 

Just be sure to complete the course within the ONE year time frame.


You don’t need prior experience creating backdrop designs. Just copy my proven blueprint, implement, and create!


Backdrop Blueprint is perfect whether you want to make this your full-time passion or part-time hustle.


The great thing about online creating is that you don’t need to buy any inventory, buy expensive printers, or handle shipping to make sales every single day.


”BMarkita really looks out for the best interest of her clients because she is always dropping gems and sharing the wealth of knowledge she has so that you can grow your business. You will see results, and the Backdrop Blueprint will take your business to the next level."
- Deena G.
Malachi 316 Creations
”With the Backdrop Blueprint, I have now expanded. I was afraid of backdrops. I used to just look at them, but now I am able to do backdrops.”
- Nina R.
Awakenr Crafts and More
“Backdrops are a lucrative add-on for my business. I have a couple of other businesses that I am going to be making banners for. Plus, the course is super easy."
- Maria Spencer
K. Marie Decor and Events
  • Quick AND Easy Newbie Friendly Training
  • 100% FREE Editing Software
  • ​NO Photoshop or Canva Subscriptions Required
  • NO Special Machines Or Equipment Needed
  • ​FREE Accounts With Print Vendors Who Print AND Ship For You
  • Recorded Videos So That You Work And Learn At Your Own Pace
  • ​​Access To The Backdrop Blueprint Support/Networking Group
You Can Rest Assured, You Will Be Learning From One Who Takes Pride In Her Work!!
From The Desk Of B. Markita
About The Backdrop Plug
I Was Not Always The Successful Designer And Entrepreneur That You See Today.
Back in fall 2017, I was stuck between committing to several more years of pharmacy school (although I already had a bachelors degree in marketing) and starting some kind of successful business.

For years, I designed and hand-painted backdrops as a side hustle. Gradually, I picked it up full-time after leaving school. However, I quickly realized using all my time to paint was not creating the income that I wanted. 

So after lots and lots of research to find a design software, I finally found a software called GIMP. Prior to this, I was the greenest of newbies only using Microsoft products for my designs. But after many tears and hours, I taught myself how to use the new-found software. 

With every design, I learned more and more and got better and better. So it's been a long, gradual process for me. I realized nobody really teaches how to use GIMP nor how to design backdrops with it, so HERE I AM. 

I made it my goal to help other designers (or other people who are just simply interested) cut out the guess work and time spent on teaching themselves. I put together an extensive training that I know you will enjoy and learn from. Follow my program from start to finish, and you will have what you need to start creating your very own backdrop designs.

Are you ready for me to help you get started? If you answered YES, click the link below, and I will see in the membership group :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm skeptical and not really sure about this.
Almost 1600 people have signed up for this course! I post results and student designs on both my personal page and my business page. Sign up ONLY when you are ready to get started. I have no intentions on getting rid of the course. BUT the price may increase by the time you decide. 
How soon will I have access to this course?
You will be able to jump into training right away. After your purchase, you will be redirected to the enrollment page. 
Is the software included in the price, or will I have to already have the software?
The software used in the course is FREE. It is a software called GIMP, a known Photoshop alternative. You will get step-by-step instructions on how to download the software and set it up for use in the course.
How do I access the course after purchase?
Immediately after completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. In that email, you will be prompted to create your password-protected account for the membership area.

If you already have an account, you can always log back into your account at http://App.TheBackdropPlug.com then go to the ENROLLED TRAININGS tab from the homepage.

If you do not have an account AND you do not see your redemption email, please check your spam, junk, and promotions folders.

If you still need assistance, please contact support Support@TheBackdropPlug.com
Is this a one-on-one course?
No. This is a self-paced, self-study course. You will work at your own pace implementing what you have learned in each step-by-step video.
Will we have access to you as the instructor if we have questions?
Yes. BMarkita is very active in the complementary membership group. Here is the only place she will be answering design/course-related questions.
Can I purchase this course for someone else?
Absolutely! Just be sure that you register using the receiver's name and email address so they get access to course and to the group.
Where is this course located?
This is an online course housed on Mighty Networks. You will create a password-protected account to access the membership portal. You will also gain access to the group in order to ask questions.
Do you teach how to print the products yourself?
No. In this course, you will learn to outsource (use a vendor) for printing. These vendors will do the shipping for you as well. The main focus of the Backdrop Blueprint is to start designing and selling without buying expensive software and equipment, using just your computer or laptop.
Where do you print the backdrops?
Backdrop printing is outsourced, meaning that another company will print AND ship for you. The vendors list will be included in the course.
What program do you use to create your designs?
GIMP is the FREE photoshop alternative that is used in the Backdrop Blueprint course.
What kind of equipment do I need to print?
Just a computer or laptop with a Windows or Macintosh operating system to design on. Prints will be outsourced. If you are interested in printing backdrops on your own, you must learn from another source outside of this course.
How much are your backdrops?
There are a few different options. They all can be found on my site: www.BackdropPlug.com
Is this a class or a video download?
The Backdrop Blueprint is a self-paced course. You will have access to step-by-step video tutorials in the membership portal. 
Is this course for backdrops only?
Yes. BUT as long as you know the design dimensions for what you are creating, you can create designs for almost ANYTHING with the design techniques that you learn in this course.
How much is the software?
The software is FREE.99!
What else will I need to pay for with this course?
Nothing outside of the course fee. The software is free. The vendors are free. You will pay for printed products with the vendors AFTER your customers have paid YOU. Anything purchased outside of the course is completely optional and at your discretion.
Is the training taught live?
No. For live trainings, please be sure to look into the Backdrop Success Circle by clicking here.

$297 (vs $1297)


One Year Access

  • FREE software download
  • ​Template creation
  • ​Photo editing
  • ​Text editing
  • ​Special effects
  • ​Preferred print vendor


4-Week Access

  • Live design tutorials 
  • Tutorial replays

$497 (vs $1497)


One Year Access

Includes All Designer Tier PLUS

  • Business structuring
  • Payment processors
  • Online selling
  • ​Social media set-up 


8-Week Access

Includes All Designer Tier PLUS

  • Live business Q&A calls
  • ​Q&A replays
The Backdrop Plug - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service
DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. The sales figures stated on this landing page and discussed in this training are outlier earnings, and are not guaranteed results for everyone. We are not guaranteeing that you’ll duplicate them, or do anything for that matter. Your results will vary depending on your work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT ATTEND THIS TRAINING.